Giggle Giggle!!

I captured some of Mia’s giggles for you!

Update: Our optometrist says Skyler still doesn’t need glasses. We’ll check again in 6 months since she is borderline. She was bummed because we had hyped up how adorable she was going to look in glasses. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Another parental lesson noted: Don’t count you chickens before they hatch!

On Saturday evening we had several couples over for a fun night of poker and Guitar Hero! Trendon found his match in our friends son, Connor. They played soccer until they were both soaked with sweat and bright red in the face. Trendon was elated. Perhaps due to my study of feminist literature in college I have been adamant to treat the children the same regardless of gender, never denying the children a gender specific task/toy. I think watching the boys play the other night reminded me of the needs Trendon has which aren’t going to be met by playing dress-up with Abigail, Skyler, and Olivia. My new charge is to invite a boy over to play with him as often as possible. He needs a way to get out his energy which is unmatched by the women in this home.

This is a pic of Skyler and Arielle playing Guitar Hero…notice Skyler’s foot!!! hehe And Trendon’s boredom….I didn’t capture a picture of him playing soccer…next time!

One more great story to share. Aunt Alyssa has planned a visit to Kentucky next month during her Spring Break. I announced the great news to the kiddos this morning before they left for school. Skyler’s response, “YAY! She can sleep under the table like she does at GMa Carol’s!!!!” LOL What is that about? I love how children’s minds work remembering one random detail and projecting it as truth. So adorable.


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