A New Room For 2 Beauties

Our oldest girls are growing up really, really fast. Looking around at the 3rd and 4th graders at the elementary school I noticed training bras are on our horizon. EEK! It seems like Abigail was a precious newborn with a wild hair-do just moments ago. I know Zack feels the same about Skyler though I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her yet.

In an effort to celebrate their growth and maturity we have decided to transform the guest room into their new girly bedroom. It’s purple and oh so pretty! I joked with Zack that I was going to put him on the Better Homes & Garden website because he was so crafty in there! He had a great time personalizing their furniture, building shelves for them, and decorating! Definitely a side to him that I don’t always see!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were so grateful for all of his hard work and absolutely LOVE their new room!:-)

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