April: A Look Ahead

We are beginning to hear the buzz of lawn mowers, our Weeping Cherry tree is blooming, and the grass is bright green! Spring is here!!!!

We have a busy month full of activities!

Thursday, April 10th — My training to become a Girl Scout Troop leader!

Friday, April 18th — Me & the girls are going to see High School Musical on Ice

Saturday, April 19th — Date Night! Zack and I are going to a wine tasting at Acres of Land Winery with a bunch of friends

Friday, April 25th — Girl Scout Daddy/Daughter Dance! I am co-coordinating this event for the entire county. We have booked a DJ and the girls will be all dressed up. It’s going to be a very fun evening! Don’t worry there will be TONS of pictures to share:-)

Saturday, April 26th — Trendon’s Birthday Party!!!!! Anyone have any good ideas on how to make a Transformer birthday party fun?? I am new to the boy thing ya know!:-)

Also, Zack’s Dad is coming down to help us with some home improvement projects!! As of now, we have decided to remodel both of our bathrooms. But, we have changed our minds several times about what is top priority. We also want a deck, want to drywall and put Pergo flooring in the basement, crown molding upstairs, and bust out the wall dividing the kitchen from the dining room. Not to mention we’d love to landscape and get new furniture in the upstairs living room! The list never, ever ends as a homeowner. We just keep saving money and doing what we can. For this visit we will likely focus on the bathrooms:-)

Busy, busy month!!!!


2 thoughts on “April: A Look Ahead

  1. High School Musical on Ice? Oh, my goodness! Naomi will be so excited you are going. She loves, loves, LOVES HSM! Gabriella has curly hair, after all, which is always a winner with my kiddo. We love you guys so!


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