Newspaper Snack

This week my goal is to get all of our closets cleaned out. I am switching out winter clothes for summer clothes…..mulitply that for 7 people and you can only imagine what my house looks like right now. Trying to decide what of Skyler & Abby’s to save for Livie and then do I save Livie’s stuff for Mia? 4 years is a long time to have that stuff piled up in my basement. Luckily, all of Trendon’s stuff I just pass right to my sister. That one is easy. Nonetheless, my basement is currently a heap of clothes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Admist me running around sorting and organizing I have let Mia hang out in her walker. Well, this morning Livie runs to me and says Mia is eating newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure!

As a matter of fact, Mia had navigated her walker over to the coffee table and was nawing down on the Sunday paper. Notice the black ink all over her face? haha WHAT A HOOT! This girl has been teething non stop since she was 2 months old. Will she ever get a break?


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