The Dichotomy Between Skyler & Abigail

Friday evening I took Skyler & Abby to High School Musical on Ice at Rupp Arena in Lexington. We got discounted tickets since we are Girl Scouts–only 12 bucks each!!! We had such a great time! Troy, Gabriella, Shar-pay–the whole gang was there belting out their tunes and moves on the ice! The girls were mesmerized most of the evening. What was so interesting to me is that the reasons for their fascinations were so incredibly different! Skyler LOVES the movie and especially the music so she was singing along and dancing too. She was thrilled to see her favorite characters and was following the story line the entire 2 hours. Abby on the other hand had a far different agenda. She wanted to know the engineering details and mechanics behind all of the tricks and stunts. For example, during my favorite song, Getcha Head In the Game about 25 basketballs “magically” fell from the rafters. “How’d they do that?” she asks. But, she doesn’t stop there….she begins rationalizing and attempting to solve the mystery since I wasn’t a bit of help! I got such a kick out of observing them in their uniqueness!!!


One thought on “The Dichotomy Between Skyler & Abigail

  1. shawn carlson says:

    disney has so much money, they may be paying 25 little people $47,000 a year to drop basketballs from the rafters on cue :-). seriously, this is the company that refuses to do the little mermaid on stage until they can figure out a way to actually do it underwater….and i’m sure they’ll do it. money + genius = how the heck did they….?


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