Trendon is 6!

We had Trendon’s birthday party on Saturday. We invited the kids in his class and our neighbors. I think we hand 11 kids total (of course that includes our 5! πŸ™‚ Aunt Rachel made him a Blue Transformer birthday cake! He received lots and lots of fun toys–mainly TMNT and Transformers to add to his collection. After snacks and gifts we went outside to punch on the pinata! HILARIOUS:-) Then the girls wanted to play limbo & musical chairs but the boys are WAAAAY to cool for silly party games now, after all they are 6! So, they went downstairs to play Playstation. It was a great afternoon of kid fun but the adults were absolutely pooped by the end!

Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Trendon is 6!

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday Trendon. I sent you somthing on Saturday so you will get it soon I hope. Wish I could be there on your birthday. Looks like you had fun. I miss you and love you. Love Grandma Kathy


  2. Trendon,Your birthday snuck up on us, Buddy!We’ve got some birthday present ideas but we’ll run em by your dad first. Looks like you and your buddies had a GREAT time. Way to go, SIX-YEAR-OLD!Love,Grandma & Grandpa Jack


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