Grandpa Clay’s Visit

The week really flew by while Grandpa Clay was here! He babysat Livie, Mia, & Trendon while Zack and I took the big girls to the Daddy Daughter dance! He got to attend a T-ball practice with the guys. The rest of the week he worked really, really hard on our bathroom. We had one disaster after another. Somehow the sewer exploded all over the laundry room and all over Grandpa! Eeeewww!!! After that mess was cleaned up the kitched sinked backed up…which was a total nightmare. Imagine no kitchen sink or dishwasher while feeding 8 people 3 meals a day! Crazy! It took Zack and Clay about a day and a half to figure out that mess. All of this while our crazy lives kept on a going. Of course, Zack still had to go to work, kids to school and girl scouts and homework etc…..The week was very very busy! On the last day Grandpa was here he set up the trampoline he bought for us!!! What a treat. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH Grandpa Clay & Grandma Julie!! We absolutely love it! It keeps the kids in the backyard which is a treat for me! Plus Zack and I love jumping on it just as much as the kids do:-)


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