The J-O-B

So, I love my job. Ad sales is such a great fit for my personality!!! I got to meet most of my clients this past week. There is lots of room for development, which is a GREAT thing! It will be a huge shift from the Journal Star to the Cynthiana Democrat. Mainly, transitioning from a larger daily to a small….rural, weekly paper. The differences are more than I expected them to be. But, I can adjust and learn new things, hopefully!

We have begun interviewing nannies. That has been quite the experience. Some have seemed, well, not a good for our family! But we have 3 candidates right now that we wouldn’t mind hiring. They all seem very nice and passionate about helping children. However, we need to determine who is going to be the most dependable. People haven’t seen me upset until they make me late for something, especially my new job!!!!! I know the children will be in good hands with either of the three of them. We are trying to schedule some of them for a trial run with my sister here. She can watch their performance and let us know who appears worthy of the position! This is serious business!! We’ll keep ya posted!


Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Well, it’s been fun…being the domestic diva for a year and a half but it is officially over. After our move to Kentucky I got a horrendous job that I couldn’t stomach for more than 10 days. So, I quit! Soon after, baby Mia was on her way so finding a job at that point would have just been, well silly. Fast foward to now, Mia is nearly 8 months old and I am ready to join the land of the working again! This job kinda fell in my lap. My dear husband was bragging about my success at the Lincoln Journal Star to one of his co-workers, whose wife happens to be the Sales Manager at the local paper here in Cynthiana. Their sales rep is retiring so they told Zack to have me apply! So I did and I recieved a job offer last night!

I start Wednesday!! I am really excited and anxious. It’s going to be a huge shift in our routine and activities. I am thrilled to help Zack by contributing to our family income! Childcare isn’t completely ironed out but I have temporary care in place. We are placing an ad this week for a permanent position!! Be thinking of me Wednesday morning as I cope with the first day at a new job jitters……..

The "Mc" Carlson Annual Pool Party!!!!

Saturday we enjoyed a day of water guns, slip-n-slides, and pools. The weather was absolutely magnificent! We had been worried all week that it may rain but we had a perfect blue sky all day long.

Our kids started at 9 am and didn’t come in until they were forced at aroun 7:45! They had such a great day but got a little toasted by the sun!!!!

Tucker Family Farm Day!

Sunday afternoon we went to Norfolk, Nebraska to visit Zack’s grandparents farm. Grandma Tucker always feeds us well and we LOVE to get a taste of the farming life. We caught frogs, fed pigs & cows, and went on several tractor rides! In fact, their driveway is so flooded from all the rain they have had up here that we couldn’t drive through it. Grandpa Tucker met as at the entrance and we all piled in a pig cart hooked to the back of the tractor(see above picture)!!!!!!!! It was quite the experience and we laughed all the way up to the house!!!!

Our New Friend!

(From L to R — Naomi, Olivia, Abby, Livie, and Skyler)
We are in Nebraska for our Summer visit!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY! We got here Monday evening around 7:30 PM. The trip wasn’t too bad. I thank God every trip for portable DVD players!! Mia got pretty restless the last 2 hours but besides that the trip really was a dream.

Carol has a new neighbor with a sweet daugher named Olivia! Her and the girls have become practically connected at the hip! She lives in Barbie heaven so the girls have had a blast!!!!