Author Skyler

To all my family.
I think my hair is cute too.
I love you.
I like my teacher.
School is the best!!
Did you like school?
My favorite school subject is math.
Thank you.
I am in upward cheerleading.
I like that too.
I miss you a lot.
Here is a cheer.
B-R-E-D-S Lets go breds.


Skyler’s New Do

We took the 4 big kids to get their hair-cut last night. Skyler decided she was ready for a whole new look!! What does everyone think?

Tucker/Donaldson Update

Hi to everyone! I really miss blogging as much as I did before I started working. I truly enjoy knowing all of you are able to keep up with us even though you live far away. The above photo is the kids with our nanny, Keshia! Everyone seems to just love her, especially Mia!!!! She’s been doing a terrific job keeping the laundry up and cleaning the house….plus playing with the kids and enjoying them! Her parents own the restaraunt around the corner from our house so they walk there nearly everyday for treats. I think everyone that works there has fallen in love with our babies!:-)

The kids are in school and loving it! Homework is in full swing and we are starting to get into a new routine. Trendon is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight! He lost one of his bottom teeth:-) He is VERY proud of the gaping hole in his mouth! We signed Abigail, Skyler, and Olivia up for Pee-Wee cheerleading and Trendon for flag football again. Practice and games start next month. I’ll try to post their schedules and I will absolutely post lots of adorable pictures!!!!

On another note, the school is doing a fundraiser that I think is just fabulous! All of you grandparents and parents can participate too, if you choose. Market Day is a company similar to Schwan’s offering frozen foods for sale. Southside recieves a percentage of each order which goes to books, playground equipment, etc. This is the first time we are participating so I will let you know how we like the food but my friends that have bought from this company were all pleasantly surprised by the quality. Our school’s code is: 26262 if you choose to give it a try! Those who can pick-up their order at the school click here those who need direct shipment click here. Let me know what’s yummy and can feed 7!:-)

Have a great week everybody!!

Back To School

I cannot believe the summer is over already! The kids start school back tomorrow!!!! We went tonight to meet there teachers and see their classrooms etc.

Skyler has Mrs. Gant. 2nd grade will be a lot different, no more show and tell! No more snack break in the afternoon! We talked to Skyler’s teacher about being sure to challenge her reading skills. We noticed last year that if Skyler gets work got too repetitive and too easy then she would start sloughing off. We found that the more she is challenged the harder she works…..and what a GREAT quality we want to continue developing. Her teacher was very receptive to our thoughts and seems excited to teach Skyler.

Trendon has Mrs. Ware who is actually on bed-rest right now. She is 7 months pregnant with her first baby. She won’t return until 6-8 weeks after her baby girl is born. They have found a very sweet long-term sub for her, Mrs. Marshall. She seemed to be very excited about her position and was friendly and eager to connect with Trendon. He does have some familiar faces in his classroom from last year however, his best friend, Braden is in Abby’s class. Trendon says it’s OK cause they’ll still get to play on the playground together!!!!

Abigail has Mrs. Cockrell which is Abby’s dream teacher because she has pets in the room! Hamsters and fish!!!!! Mrs. Cockrell is very nice and has lots of teaching experience. Abby has many friends from Mrs. Free’s class including Stormy & John Thomas, 2 of her favorites!! So I know she will have a great day tomorrow!

It’s almost time for Birthday Palooza at our house. Abigail’s party is going to be Friday, September 5th. She wants to have a camp-out. Luckily, we have the basement for back-up if it rains! Olivia’s party will be on Saturday, September 13th. She hasn’t really given me any clue yet as to what she wants….except she wants her party to be funny?!?!?! Not sure where I will go with that one yet….

Then, my baby girl is going to be a year old!!!!!!!!! October 22nd…I can’t believe it. I ordered her the most beautiful pink princess dress to wear at her party…plus I plan to have her one year pictures made! Of course I will post many many pictures!

Watch tomorrow for a digest of the children’s first day. I plan to let them tell the stories in their own words…..we’ll see if they are all in the mood to cooperate!

Love to all!!!!!!


The kiddos were enjoying a Mint Oreo for snack the other day after lunch. I was holding Mia while passing them out….and lo and behold…she grabbed one right out of my hands!!!!! I decided to indulge her, just this once *wink*, and stuck her in the sink to get messy. What a cutie chocolate face!!!!! πŸ™‚

Crazy Day

The 3 big girls went to cheerleading day camp this week! The camp was sponsored by the Harrison County High School cheerleading squad, which our fabulous babysitter Brooke is a member! She was so sweet and came to pick them up each morning and brought them home. She even took them out to lunch! Not much feels better than knowing people LOVE your children! I have felt very warm and fuzzy this week…!

So the above picture is of Crazy Day. I am sure we all remember Homecoming week at high school when each day there was a silly way to dress in order to show school spirit…..well my girls caught the school spirit this week! We had to find the tackiest outfit we could possibly put together. As you can see, we did a pretty darn good job! I then fixed their hair as crazy as I could and they each wore 2 different shoes!!! It was a very fun morning of giggles and grins.