Tucker/Donaldson Update

Hi to everyone! I really miss blogging as much as I did before I started working. I truly enjoy knowing all of you are able to keep up with us even though you live far away. The above photo is the kids with our nanny, Keshia! Everyone seems to just love her, especially Mia!!!! She’s been doing a terrific job keeping the laundry up and cleaning the house….plus playing with the kids and enjoying them! Her parents own the restaraunt around the corner from our house so they walk there nearly everyday for treats. I think everyone that works there has fallen in love with our babies!:-)

The kids are in school and loving it! Homework is in full swing and we are starting to get into a new routine. Trendon is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight! He lost one of his bottom teeth:-) He is VERY proud of the gaping hole in his mouth! We signed Abigail, Skyler, and Olivia up for Pee-Wee cheerleading and Trendon for flag football again. Practice and games start next month. I’ll try to post their schedules and I will absolutely post lots of adorable pictures!!!!

On another note, the school is doing a fundraiser that I think is just fabulous! All of you grandparents and parents can participate too, if you choose. Market Day is a company similar to Schwan’s offering frozen foods for sale. Southside recieves a percentage of each order which goes to books, playground equipment, etc. This is the first time we are participating so I will let you know how we like the food but my friends that have bought from this company were all pleasantly surprised by the quality. Our school’s code is: 26262 if you choose to give it a try! Those who can pick-up their order at the school click here those who need direct shipment click here. Let me know what’s yummy and can feed 7!:-)

Have a great week everybody!!


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