Abby is 7!

We had Abigail’s 7th birthday party on Friday evening. She chose a doggie theme and we went all out:-) Corn “Dogs” for dinner, “puppy chow” in “doggie” bags, Red Rover Red Rover and Pin the paw on the puppy for entertainment! And of course, Zack created a soundtrack of doggie songs….B-I-N-G-O etc! What a ruff ruff of a good time!:-)

It’s so hard to believe that 7 years ago she was just a sweet newborn baby with crazy fuzzy hair that stuck up all around her head. She was a gorgeous baby! People thought I gelled her hair to keep it sticking up….hehe Time has passed way too fast and I am amazed by the sweet young lady she is becoming. She received some really exciting gifts at her party and has been a rock-star, sharing them with her brother and sisters. I am just so proud of my baby girl!

Happy Birthday Abigail Grace! Mommy loves you waaaay more than you’ll ever realize….well maybe when you are blessed with your own daughter!!:-)


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