Ohhhhhhh dear……..

Trendon has made a great new neighbor friend. They have tons in common, love video games, cars, and boy stuff. This boy also has a crush on Skyler. We know cause he told his Mom who told us. Well, today he’s over to play and I noticed both him and Skyler weren’t in the basement with us anymore. So, I quickly went upstairs to find them. I noticed her door was closed and the light was off!!!! SO, of course, I swung it open with my heart in my stomach….and they were snuggled up in her bed….playing her Nintendo DS together…..YIKES….. so it was totally innocent. But, I grabbed Zack and he put a stop to it. New rule, friends over means doors open and lights on. It painted such a scary picture of what’s to come for the next 10 years. So, when do we start the birds and the bees discussion? Surely not yet?!? Why can’t there be a real guide book for parenting…..oh this so hard. Any comments, advice or suggestions are completely welcome….we take all the help we can get in this department! 🙂 ….deeeeeep breath…….


3 thoughts on “Ohhhhhhh dear……..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Answer what they ask…no more no less. This is what Dr. Dobson says. This is also what I’ve done. It really works. Only problem, I had to force Dalton to ask some questions….he could just care less and since he was in school I felt I should be the one to tell him. Also, ask the kids what they know about it. You would be surprised what they have been told or thought up on their own. Good luck! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s Angela…Okay, so I’m obviously not a mommy yet, but…it was so sweet and innocent. And really, your kids are very cuddly anyway. I think starting that convo would horrify the girls (I’m assuming only the older ones are being considered) at this point. Truthfully, my parents never had that conversation with me, and we know I turned out okay. LOL I know, everyone does need to have it now, but maybe not yet. Let me know what you decide though – you know I’m actively taking notes, along with Amy, on what YOU do in each situation. 🙂


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