2 More Weeks –

It’s hard to believe my schooling days are almost over!Β  In just 2 short weeks I will have completed all of my credit hours for my MBA in Human Resource Administration!!!!Β  My graduation isn’t until December as I will get to walk with the traditional students and meet all of my online classmates that have become some of my great friends!!!Β 

On a serious note, I do have to give such mega thanks to all my friends and family that have supported me through this process.Β  I know for some (i.e. Zack) it hasn’t been easy to have me occupied with papers and studying nearly every week-end of the past 2 years.Β  We’ve found a decent balance but it has affected his world for sure.Β  Thank you honey!!Β  I am entirely too lucky to have been blessed with you.


The Mommy Agenda

It’s here again! Time to pull out the hoodies and pack away the
shorts & tank tops. Football, autumn leaves, crisp air mornings, and
potato soup. That’s what I love about Fall. Today will be our Fall
clean-out day. We will organize our closets and start bracing for the
cooler weather that’s on the way.
I am getting to the point in our family’s world where I have such
great helpers! However, I still feel guilty having them spend their
week-ends cleaning so here’s the plan: today we’ll clean out closets
while jamming to some great music but tomorrow we are going to
I think it’s the perfect trade-off. Let’s see just how successfully I
can enact this agenda.
What do you think: is this bribery or a true teaching moment about
working hard for what we want in life?