The Mommy Agenda

It’s here again! Time to pull out the hoodies and pack away the
shorts & tank tops. Football, autumn leaves, crisp air mornings, and
potato soup. That’s what I love about Fall. Today will be our Fall
clean-out day. We will organize our closets and start bracing for the
cooler weather that’s on the way.
I am getting to the point in our family’s world where I have such
great helpers! However, I still feel guilty having them spend their
week-ends cleaning so here’s the plan: today we’ll clean out closets
while jamming to some great music but tomorrow we are going to
I think it’s the perfect trade-off. Let’s see just how successfully I
can enact this agenda.
What do you think: is this bribery or a true teaching moment about
working hard for what we want in life?


One thought on “The Mommy Agenda

  1. Micki says:

    Bribery: In Wal-Mart and your toddler is screaming and you say, “Here, I'll buy you this toy if you stop.” That's bribery–and they repeat the behavior because you've shown them they can earn something for very little effort.

    I don't have any problem at all with allowances, or rewards for a job well done. You reward children all the time, whether it is with a hug and kiss, a batch of cookies made together, an allowance, whatever. Why not make it official so they make the connection?

    It only becomes a problem if you always associate with a reward (every time you clean your room you get $1). Rewards for small thngs should be general and infrequent–unless it's praise from Mom.


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