Morning Magic

Zack and I have been discussing finding new ways to get into some routines to streamline this big family.  Neither one of us has had the commitment to make it happen until I stumbled upon a life changing web-site:  Flylady.  None of the tips or tricks found on this web-site are rocket science.  However, she does lay out some easy routines to implement which have rescued our family from morning madness.

Here’s how our version works during the week:

6:00am – Mommy and Zack wake up, shower, and spend a few moments together with our coffee mugs

6:45am – Daddy leaves for work

Mommy’s quiet time!!!

7:20am- Morning Music comes on.  *This is the key* If the kids wake up before morning music then they hang in their rooms reading books until they hear the que.  When they hear the music they begin this list of to-do’s.

Make Bed.
Get dressed including shoes.
Brush Teeth.
Brush Hair.
Layout backpack, coat, gloves, scarf, and hat.

No more rushing around with a frazzled Mommy.  Even the kids agree, we are happier and more peaceful!!  YAAAY


2 thoughts on “Morning Magic

  1. Yes, we have implemented this routine for over a week now—I can honestly say I am a new woman! I am happier and more rested and ready to start the day!! YAY


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