Holiday Week-End

Friends & Fam:  Check my Gallery page for TONS of new pictures!!

Halloween costumes are purchased and ready to go!  

Skyler: Angel
Abbie: Doctor
Trendon: Anakin Skywalker
Livie: Rainbow Fairy
Mia: Duck

Shew, that was a lot of running.  Of course no one store carried everyone’s choice of costume so we spent an entire day running around Omaha on the hunt for each kid’s choice outfit!  We had a lot of fun together and even got to make a pit-stop at Zio’s pizza (My FAV) with Zack for lunch.  The kids have parties, parties, and more parties today, Friday and Saturday so Grandma’s can expect lots of pictures!!

Saturday, after the kids attend their first costume party of the day….we’ll be having a fun little celebration here.  You have to check out these adorable recipes I am planning to make:

Pre-Trick or Treat Menu

and then to top it all off a nice warm pot of our favorite:


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