Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Last night I was laying in bed thinking about the blog…yea, I’m weird.  Anyway, I realized I am way behind on my picture sharing of the kids.  *SORRY Kentucky family!* Here are some pics from Christmas for your enjoyment…. 🙂

Our attempt of a family shot!  Grandma Carol bought the kids these adorable Christmas outfits—Thank you Grandma!!  The kids LOVE them.  You should have heard Trendon’s commentary on the tie — he is quite dapper I agree:)
What’s better than a silly face shot full of people you love?!?!  Meet my parents & brother!  LOVE THEM.  Sis was back in KY, next time I want a silly shot of all 5 of us!!!
Look:  I really, really did it!  Special shout-out one more time to the most supportive husband in the whole world.  Without him, this would have NEVER happened!!
Christmas at Grandpa Clays!!
Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday season!  Ours lasted about 1 month, seriously.  We had some wicked weather in Nebraska which caused Grandma Tucker’s christmas to be postponed til New Years. With another storm on it’s way today I’d predict we’ll have had over 35 inches of snow in 30 days.  I ain’t in Kentucky anymore ya’ll!! 🙂

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