New Hair

I went to see my darling Mrs. Aly last week for my last trim & color before she went on maternity leave! While I was there she offered to also do ALL 4 GIRLS the next day!!!  It was a jam-packed hour and 15 minutes of snipping and “sit up straights”, “look in the mirror”, and “isn’t she adorable!”

What made this day even extra special —– this was Mia’s VERY first haircut!!!  I know, I know. Why the heck did I wait so long? Simple answer. Those curls…..I was terrified that a hair-cut would make them all go away. And I adore them.

So stinkin’ cute, right? And the curls bounced up a little better after the cut!!! 🙂 Mommy’s very pleased!
Livie wanted a super short bob. I love this look on her!!!

This picture of Skyler pulls at my heart strings. She looks for one GORGEOUS and for two OLD! What happened to this little girl who was running around singing Sesame Street and loving Blue’s Clues? 

Abby got a few layers but in the bottom of her hair. They look super cute and help the cut flip out a little with out a drastic change. She has the most healthy, shiny, beautiful brown hair that it does look best long!:) 
My gorgeous daughters…..oh, how I love them!

3 thoughts on “New Hair

  1. OK, after meeting you at a Momaha event, I had to check out your blog. (Is this stalking? I hope not! If so, I will deny that I was ever here…)

    Your kids are adorable!


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