Big Omaha Reflections

Energy. Passion. Excitement. Ideas. Dreams.

My new employer sent me to Big Omaha, an innovation and entrepreneur conference developed by Silicon Prairie News.  I felt so blessed to be able to share in the buzz and excitement of entrepreneurship that’s captivating our city. My takeaways & perceptions …

Content: The two-day schedule was packed with entrepreneurs sharing their stories of failure & triumph. The most impactful speakers were both humble and honest the few that bombed, did so because their ego’s were bigger than the room would tolerate.

TakeawayEric Ryan, co-founder of Method shared about the careful way him and his team are curating a culture of humility at the Method offices. Additionally, he shared practical ideas on how to foster innovation. His team places their delicate, unbaked ideas on a white board in their hallways. How do you help employees be brave enough to do this? Don’t tear down the ideas with “Yes, but” ….(insert why the idea is stupid here) but instead practice “yes, and” (insert a way to build upon the idea here). Such a simple concept but inspiring – I’m thinking of how I can develop myself both as a leader and a mother with this simple idea.  My children and co-workers can thank Eric for his contribution to my development later. 🙂

Generosity: My favorite word. The fact that generosity is the new trend in entrepreneurship makes me absolutely-positively giddy. Sharing ideas cross-company, cross-industry, cross (gasp) competitor to make us all better. WHAT? Yes, these entrepreneurs want to share with their competitors when it means raising the collective tide. This is still blowing my mind and making me SO EXCITED for the future.

Networking: Even the most comfortable and extroverted people can exhibit self doubt when networking at a big event where they don’t know anyone. How can I make more people feel more comfortable?

Passion: What is more energizing that spending 2 days with people so full of passion you can feel their excitement before they even speak?

Group: Even though I am not currently pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, being at Big Omaha made me feel like I am part of something. My influence, my contribution and ideas will help shape the future of start-ups in our city (and beyond).

Details: The Silicon Prairie News team is thoughtful. A simple basket of toiletries in the ladies restroom (hairspray, q-tips, deodorant, etc) made my smile. Thanks, SPN!

My Dream: The ability AND talent of taking an audience on a journey via a talk/lecture/workshop/name your format is incredibly inspiring! I have a dream to one day share my stories on a stage like Big Omaha and watching these entrepreneurs and thought leaders stirred that desire. Now, the question is HOW do I cultivate this dream into reality? Especially when it scares me….

Jeff Slobotski closed the two-day event with a tweet that reads: “Now do something. #BigOmaha”

What is your “something”?


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