Influencing Thought

My husband, Zack has NPR on the radio while I’m reading this amazing book that’s inspiring more thoughts in me of equal rights activism. I am contemplating how/where I can have an impact in our city.

I am cognizant of the influence hearing this on the radio and hearing me read passages of this book to Zack has on our kids —and I’m reveling a bit in how wonderful that is. Maybe because of the setting and the objectives of our trip. Regardless, I’m grateful.

Above it, I’m thinking of what I hope this trip and this exposure can have on these 5 brilliant and developing minds.

1) I hope we can expose them to diversity that they may not see in Omaha, NE. I hope that exposure helps them see the world a bit differently – and cultivates their compassionate spirits.

2) I also want that exposure to be unbiased. I want them to be clear of what Zack and I are passionate about, yes! Additionally, I want them to see and understand the contrary opinions. Especially in our nation’s capital. I hope they have the audacity to develop their own views … Even when those may be different than the people you love the most.

3) I hope, even in a 6, 10, 12, 12, and 13 year old way, they are inspired to do something about all of that someday.


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