Facebook posts have replaced this family journal I was so diligent with.


Snuggled up with 5 year old Mia we just flipped through the blog and enjoyed the pictures and context and stories.

Boo, Facebook for sucking my blogging time away.


Shared Custody, Long Distance

Yesterday, my house was eerily quiet by 8pm. The laundry was feasible in a few loads. The floors were clean and our grocery bill was cut in half it’s normal total.

It’s Summer, which means 4 out of our 5 children go spend quality time with their other parents for 6 weeks. Zack’s babies head down South to Texas and my daughters go South-East to Kentucky.

I hate it.

Well intentioned people recommend using the time to spend extra time with my husband. Or mention that Mia must love having her mommy and daddy all to herself. 

But all I can think about is how much I am missing. 

A toothless-smile greeting me when I get home from the office. A chaotic dinner around the table where laughter bellows through the air. Requests for books to be read, pancakes to be flipped, and kisses to be smooched.

My husband wasn’t greeted with beaming faces carrying his breakfast in bed on Father’s Day. I didn’t get to see the glow of bright fireworks on their faces this July Fourth. We haven’t applied Calamine lotion to mosquito-bitten legs or lathered up excited children with sunscreen in preparation of pool time.

What we do to make the separation a positive experience though is what matters. We web-cam and chat on the phone. Share minute details of our days with the kids and remind them just how much we love them.

I’m very blessed to have my own family and friends in the same town as my ex-husband. My friends have posted pictures of the girls at barbecues and church camp. I’ve gotten to see their beaming faces with their grandparents and other loved ones which makes the hurt sting a little less. Though our situation is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, my kids are pretty lucky. They have heaps of people that love them to pieces. Truly, what more could I ask for?

It’s true, even with children, that absence makes the heart grow fonder. They return to Nebraska this week-end and I am ready! I have renewed patience and I’ve taken time for me. They have enjoyed their time away as well and are anxious to get back to their life here.

Long distance shared custody is more common than ever. Who else is spending their summers missing pieces of their family? How do you cope and what brings you strength?


Blogging has become a favored hobby of mine.

It’s also an easy way for me to keep family connected.

But….work is quickly consuming all of my time. I started my own business, Sarah Tucker Marketing Services, with an expectation of it growing V.E.R.Y. S.L.O.W.L.Y.  I’d stay-at-home with Mia and be able to generate some income at the same time. I was jaded from the agency and their “claim” to be a family-friendly work environment. 

This business seemed to be the best of both worlds.

Fortunately for my wallet, the growth didn’t happen slowly.

It’s a funny story actually. One Sunday afternoon about 10 weeks ago or so, I went to Williams-Sonama for a free cooking class. While learning how to braise a pork roast I was standing by a man that couldn’t stand still. Fidgeting around, helping me with my coat, grabbing me a glass of water if I coughed or even cleared my throat…I was almost worried. I thought the man was flirting with me! Come the end of the class we chatted for a few minutes about what I do. I explained I recently got my MBA and was starting my own marketing services company. He immediately pulled out his business card and asked me to call him on Monday. I sound like exactly what he needs, he said.

I left the class a little bewildered. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and called Zack to explain the story. I told Zack, he either wants me to be his next girlfriend or his next director of marketing and I honestly can’t tell ya which one. 🙂

Well, long story short, he wasn’t flirting. He truly engaged my talents and skills and I am working 40+ hours per week for his companies. He is partner in 3 IT related companies:  Jelecos, Data Media Solutions, and Heimes Resources.

What exactly the future holds, I have no idea. But for now, I am holding on tight. Enjoying working on marketing and sales motivation projects that are truly 100% better than my wildest dreams of my business!

All of that to say, I’m sorry. Sorry there haven’t been pictures of the babes and updates on their musings. I’m hoping that with Summer means I will get the camera out more often and spend a few moments keeping you posted on our lives.

Much love and big hugs!!!!!

New Hair

I went to see my darling Mrs. Aly last week for my last trim & color before she went on maternity leave! While I was there she offered to also do ALL 4 GIRLS the next day!!!  It was a jam-packed hour and 15 minutes of snipping and “sit up straights”, “look in the mirror”, and “isn’t she adorable!”

What made this day even extra special —– this was Mia’s VERY first haircut!!!  I know, I know. Why the heck did I wait so long? Simple answer. Those curls…..I was terrified that a hair-cut would make them all go away. And I adore them.

So stinkin’ cute, right? And the curls bounced up a little better after the cut!!! 🙂 Mommy’s very pleased!
Livie wanted a super short bob. I love this look on her!!!

This picture of Skyler pulls at my heart strings. She looks for one GORGEOUS and for two OLD! What happened to this little girl who was running around singing Sesame Street and loving Blue’s Clues? 

Abby got a few layers but in the bottom of her hair. They look super cute and help the cut flip out a little with out a drastic change. She has the most healthy, shiny, beautiful brown hair that it does look best long!:) 
My gorgeous daughters…..oh, how I love them!

Call me tolerant? I say it’s LOVE

My family and I have had a very difficult week. Some incidents occurred that caused me a lot of pain. I wrote about it all on my Momaha blog. Please read and share your comments. My goal truly is to start a conversation about something people don’t always like to talk about….. CLICK HERE

PS I promise to write a blog post not directing you to Momaha this week. I have some great stories to share of the kids — it’s just been crazy.
Much love,