Missing Mia

I am missing Mia like crazy while in DC. I found this adorable video that I never had time to upload before. It is from over a month ago so she is bigger and saying more now….but this is still absolutely priceless!!!!


Getaway – Day 2

So based on my blog it appears as though our vacation has revolved around food! Which in some ways is has. This morning we took the Metro across town to a quaint little restaraunt I found while researching DC on the net. Belga Cafe is an authentic Belgian restaraunt. Famous for their Belgian waffles and other delicious breakfast items we headed down for brunch. The food was so beautiful we had to take pictures! Zack ordered Liege waffles with caramelized apples and cinnamon and my plate is Green Eggs and Ham (actually an herb pesto and spinach egg dish with bacon πŸ™‚ DELIGHTFUL

We headed downtown to see the Museum of American History and it is closed for renovations until Fall…..booooo hooooo I was really looking forward to seeing the First Ladies dresses, Judy Garland’s red slippers, and Carrie Bradshaw’s laptop!!!!! Guess this means I have to come back soon though—the kids would LOVE it here!

Getaway – Evening 1

I literally feel like I am in a romantic movie this week-end. Perhaps we relish our date time a little more since it’s so rare, but this trip is just amazing!

Tonight we had a fabulous dinner. Since I am such a foodie I will share our decadent choices and make your mouth water! We started with the Crab & Artichoke Dip and Mojitos, for dinner Zack had a Parmesan Rainbow Trout with a Hollindaise sauce (Dad you would have flipped for this fish. Zack says it is by far the best fillet of fish he has ever had!) and I had the Crab Cakes. Then we splurged on dessert! I had the Creme Brullee which was PERFECT…..but Zack got a Blondie with Chocolate Sauce….wow oh wow oh wow!!!!!!! We also chatted with some locals who thought Zack and I were on our honeymoon! haha I think we have that glow:-) We are absolutely enjoying every single moment!

After dinner we strolled some more downtown. DC at dusk is so beautiful!

Zack’s snoring now so I should likely shut the computer and get some rest. He has another big day planned for tomorrow!!!

Getaway – Day 1

Hi ya’ll!!! Zack and I are in Washington D.C. and having a glorious time! This morning we got up early to get started viewing pieces of our nation’s history. Right around the corner from our hotel we found a cute little french bistro for breakfast……ahh the joys of big city life. I had a portabello and egg sandwich on ciabbata bread…fabulous! Zack had a prosciutto and egg sandwich on an onion bagel!! We then set off to walk the Mall. We are staying right downtown so we just jetted off for the Vietnam Memorial.

My most poignant memory of day was a handwritten card placed carefully at the foot of the Vietnam War Memorial. This card was written by a young child and it read, “I hope your next trip is safe.” Precious and heartbreaking. I studied the Vietnam War in great detail while getting my History degree so this was one of the monuments I knew I wanted to see. So powerful.

Zack’s been here twice before so he’s been my tour guide. We visited several other monuments, the Holocaust Museum, and Union Station. We are back at our hotel now getting dressed up for a lovely dinner at the Ebbitt Grill.

Tomorrow we plan to visit some of the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, and possibly drive out to Chesapeake Bay.

Skyler, Abby, Trendon, Livie, & Mia —- we miss you!


Mia’s first time in a swimming pool! Several of my Mommy friends and I took the kids for a swimming playdate yesterday. The Pavillion in Georgetown is SOO nice. For only 5 bucks we got unlimited swimming all day. They have 2 indoor pools (one is a HUGE baby/toddler pool with big buckets, HUGE twisty slide, and a rainbow sprinkler and then an olympic size pool too!) I can’t believe I have lived 20 minutes from this place for nearly a year and have never taken the kids! We could have been swimming all winter! POO

Mia absolutely loved it! I let her float on her back and put her under several times. Hopefully she will learn to swim as easily as Livie & Abigail did. What fun! Can’t wait to swim in the sun though!!!

Rain….rain….go away!

So far, all of Trendon’s T-ball games have been rained out!!! He is getting very anxious for a chance to show off his new uniform. We think he looks absolutely adorable! His next scheduled game is on Monday! Hopefully, the rain will take a break!