Zack is 30!!!

Hey all! We are still adjusting well to the new life. Our nanny has been working out really well—she loves coloring with the kids and Livie says she is “MY FRIEND!”:-)

Today is Zack’s big 3-0 birthday!! Jake has flown in with his girlfriend to celebrate with us! Tonight they came over for dinner and we enjoyed spending time with them. The kids just LOVE their Uncle Jake!! Mia turned on this evening…just giggling and laughing at EVERYTHING!

Work for me is going really well. I started actually visiting clients today….which makes me feel like I am actually progressing towards some real work.

We have been laughing at Zack after he told us he won the “Trooper” recognition at work….apparently if an employee has done something special that week they are announced as the “trooper”. Which just makes me giggle..cause it sounds like an award the kids would get at school for not tattling or crying or something…..AH hahahahahahaha

I am having a rough time (of course) adjusting to the work/home/family balance….so I am incredibly tired. Is this blog even making sense?

Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My First Day at the New Job!

As you can see above—Zack sent me a beautiful vase of stargazer lilies to my office for my first day of work! How freakin’ sweet, huh? I was so completely shocked and thrilled!

My first day went incredibly well. I really enjoy all of the people I work with!! Sleight is comprised of mainly women so we had a great day getting to know eachother. Everyone was very gracious to me and made me feel incredibly welcome.

I have a LOT to learn about the other medias that I haven’t worked with before (radio, broadcast, cable, billboards, direct mail, etc) and how to buy their schedules etc. But, I feel confident in other ways too….so it’s always a learning curve and I am practicing patience right now…..which all who know me…know is incredibly difficult! I like to know what is going on and how its gonna happen far in advance. So, this is good for me I am sure and soon enough I should be a pro!

The kids also had a fabulous day today. Their nanny, Heather, was here for the first half of the day. And then, Grandpa Jack came to spend the afternoon/evening with them since he was off work. I got home to 5 happy children—-which is the most important thing I want to see when I walk in the door!!!!!

Our New Life

(Above: some pictures of our new house!)

We have now spent 2 weeks in our new home and we feel pretty much settled. Almost every box is unpacked and put away. The pictures are hung on the wall….and it feels like home. I am so in love with this house. It’s close to the same square footage of our old one but laid out MUCH differently. We now have a huge master bedroom with walk-in closet!! We have a separate formal dining room and a breakfast nook off the kitchen, a huge back deck, and a truly finished basement ( no ugly paneling)! Also, the backyard is FLAT!! YAY

We have received the warmest of welcomes from all of our neighbors. Trendon has a classmate about 2 doors down and his Mom and I hit it off right from the beginning. We have already attended PTO together and they are planning us a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party in March! The little neighborhood we live in is very close-knit. It seems as though everyone gets together for cook-outs, to pass the football, play basketball, etc! Just the perfect neighborhood for us and our family:-) I’ve always told Zack, why don’t people just stop by anymore. Guess what? Our neighbors just stop by to say hi and have tea!!! I LOVE THAT!!!!

The kids are loving their new school. Each loves their teachers and have made bookoos of friends already. In fact, at Skyler’s birthday party which was a week after we arrived, 7 classmates came! She was so proud and happy! Abbie’s best new friend is Elizabeth and I have found their “notes” in her backpack. So precious. Drawings of hearts and flowers…..and letters of you are my best friend, etc. Trendon is doing well even though his new class is pretty far ahead academically from his previous class. He is reading really well which makes us so proud!

Zack has been working his new job for a week and a half and though he has put in a lot more hours than he did in his previous position at 3M, he seems so much happier. This job is more challenging for him…..which anyone who knows Zack, knows he won’t stay interested long if he isn’t challenged. It seems to me that he will always be working on something different – which sounds thrilling! He will also be travelling some with this new job. Next month to Wisconsin and a possible trip to Florida this Spring. FUN

I start my new position tomorrow. I have my first day of work outfit all laid out and I am ready to go! I am beyond excited to get started. A job I know I will love and be successful at. I feel completely confident and blessed.

We have hired a nanny after much turmoil and stress. I honestly started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to start my job because we couldn’t find a suitable child care provider. But, a few nights ago we found Heather and she has a 14 month old baby girl who Mia has already befriended and loved on. Heather has several years of nanny experience….with a family of 4 children and she comes with astounding references who just beamed about how well she cared for their children. I feel completely confident in her and know the kids will enjoy their time with both Heather and her daughter.

We have started to attempt the church hunt. We tried a church last week which was not a good fit and planned to try another this morning but Zack had to go in to work. So, next Sunday we’ll hop back on the wagon. It amazes me how difficult this has been for us. But, with 5 children nothing is really simple.

So, all in all we have had a great moving experience. I hope to never ever ever move again! It’s so stressful and sooo much work! But, we feel we did make the very best decision by making this happen.

We miss lots about Kentucky, especially our family of course, but carving this life for ourselves also feels so right. We love all of you and thank you for being such wonderful parts of our lives!

The kids had a FABULOUS first day at their new school! I prayed that they would all come home with beaming smiles and happy stories which is exactly what happened! All three kids had made friends and already adored their teachers!!

Skyler said, “I really like Jada….and all the other kids.”

Trendon said, “I have 3 best friends: Ian, Lucas, and …. I can’t remember the other ones name!”

Abbie said, “MOMMA—ALL of the kids wanted to play with me on the playground, it was CRAAAZY!!”

What a blessing!!!!!

Hoping to take some pictures of the house tonight…..just trying to get the final boxes put away so it looks decent—-watch later for more updates!!!!