Influencing Thought

My husband, Zack has NPR on the radio while I’m reading this amazing book that’s inspiring more thoughts in me of equal rights activism. I am contemplating how/where I can have an impact in our city.

I am cognizant of the influence hearing this on the radio and hearing me read passages of this book to Zack has on our kids —and I’m reveling a bit in how wonderful that is. Maybe because of the setting and the objectives of our trip. Regardless, I’m grateful.

Above it, I’m thinking of what I hope this trip and this exposure can have on these 5 brilliant and developing minds.

1) I hope we can expose them to diversity that they may not see in Omaha, NE. I hope that exposure helps them see the world a bit differently – and cultivates their compassionate spirits.

2) I also want that exposure to be unbiased. I want them to be clear of what Zack and I are passionate about, yes! Additionally, I want them to see and understand the contrary opinions. Especially in our nation’s capital. I hope they have the audacity to develop their own views … Even when those may be different than the people you love the most.

3) I hope, even in a 6, 10, 12, 12, and 13 year old way, they are inspired to do something about all of that someday.


Road Trip Mishap

After hours of packing, cleaning, and organizing, Zack and I finally lay down to sleep before our journey begins. I opened my laptop and proceeded to download a movie to watch en route. Of Monuments Men. $3.99 from the Apple Store and I have 24 hours. Perfect. Download.

And I fell asleep.

This morning we get on the road and everyone’s settled…Play. “Error” It didn’t finish downloading. BOO

No problem! I’ll rent a Red Box. Quick, cheap, easy. I’m so excited I post an Instagram (above). Get the disc out. Smile. Insert….ummm….ohhhh. Oops. My laptop is the perfect computer-super lightweight. Ya, no disc drive. DOH!


2014 Summer Road Adventure

We pack a little lighter now that we don’t travel with diapers, light up toys, and 6 outfit changes per day per kid.

Their bodies, however, take up a lot more space. They look adult size. They sometimes even act it.

So, we decided it’s time for our first vacation. This trip is the first one we have made with our whole family that wasn’t to meet more family in another state. This trip is just for us—for memories—-for experiences. Before these adult sized kids feel too cool to hang with us.

We plan to log 900 miles today.

900 miles of memories and stories that I know will stick with them a lifetime.

Some of our friends think we are insane to this. I know we would be insane not to. (But, ask me again in 14 hours).