The Week-End

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

We have a busy week-end upon us. Tonight, Zack is taking Trendon, Olivia, and Mia to a Boy Scout Carnival!!! I am taking Abigail and Skyler to a Girl Scout Lock-In. Everyone is very excited and busy now cleaning their rooms so they will get the all clear to leave in an hour:-)

Tomorrow, the kids have a ballgame, if the weather cooperates. It’s been raining all day today in Kentucky….chilly and rainy.

AND, it’s Mommy & Daddy night out on Saturday!!!! Zack and I are going to our good friend, Angela’s, for a Halloween party. I am going as Sarah Palin, the hunter and Zack will be a cross between Joe 6-pack and Joe the Plumber…cause we all know it’s all about Joe! Brooke is babysitting for us so the kids are completely excited. She often brings movies and other surprises for the kids when she comes. We will miss her dearly next year when she leaves for college.

I’ll be posting plenty of pics, as always!!


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